Belgian Tripel tasting

NThe day has come; it’s Thursday evening. nobody is going anywhere and I have no driving duties to speak of – perfect!

Thankfully the cold snap has done it’s job. I now have a beer which looks aesthetically pleasing compared to the bright orange that looked more like a radioactive isotope than a brew. Now I feel more inclined to drink this beer in fact very excited. Continue reading


A Beer shared again!

I had a wonderful surprise earlier this month from a friend at work who generously gave me a bottle of Barrel aged beer (6 months) in Barrels that once contained Highland Scotch Whisky. A thank you gift for my assistance at work. This was from Leighton Buzzard brewery. I have had whisky flavoured beer before namely from Innis and Gunn but I didn’t take to it at all as I found the whisky flavour overpowered the beer too much. However, this one was different I found it very appealing although I could not drink many as with a 6.5% ABV and at 750ml a bottle; it was a monumental task hence I shared it with my Father a more convivial way of drinking beer. Continue reading


A beer shared.

Not quite shared this time but generously provided by my friend Celine. This was a German beer from Dusseldorf called Uerige Alt. This was a lovely Dark beer light but surprisingly tasty a very pleasant beer. The 4.7% volume did not show through which in some ways could be deadly after a few. Thank you Celine for yet another venture into German beers. Another pint Barperson!

Celines beer



Bottling the Belgian Triple

It’s Wednesday morning I have my 40 odd bottles washed and ready the gravity has not moved as very likely not to at 1.010. So good attenuation maybe due to the lower mash providing better fermenting wort who knows. Continue reading


Another year another beer!

After my last successful porter challenge I am now starting a new one. This time I have taken the plunge and decided on a Belgian Triple. I am not messing with the water which some may say is a mistake but I need to know how my recipe will turn out with the water as it stands then I can experiment. Continue reading


Another Beer shared!

My friend Steve gave me one of his Extract Brown Ale beers he made last year. I had to leave it a couple of weeks to make sure it was at it best before tasting. I was quite excited at the prospect of tasting a Brown Ale and had my own idea of what I was to expect. Continue reading


Two brews in one month!

I realise the Christmas holidays are fast approaching as is the next gathering of friends. With this in mind and trying to plan ahead I brewed the last of the hedgerow hops 2016 and 2017 harvest together for my first brew at the beginning of October 7th. This should be ready for the December meet. Using an old faithful recipe. SG 1.052 FG 1.010. However, I only mashed for an hour. I wanted to see how much difference the extra 30mins makes if any and if I can reduce the mash time and still get enough sugars in the wort. We shall see.

The second brew I tried on 28th October. The second attempt at the porter clone. The difference this time was that after syphoning into the second fermenter and waiting two days; I then added the sugar to about a pint of the beer and poured it back into the fermenter before syphoning off into bottles. This way I could guage exactly how much sugar went into the secondary fermentation and hopefully I will not have such an explosive pint. I may still have added too much sugar but again time will tell. Another thing I have noticed about the first pint is; now that the weather is turning decidedly colder the porter is less effervescent. Once again proving my point about the solubility of gas in cold liquid. This recipe had one different ingredient as I had run out of Hedgerow hops I used East Kent Goldings. So I am currently looking at 80 pints of beer and none of it can be drunk for at least two more weeks. Patience is a virtue!


A good year for the Roses!

Carrying on with my 80’s theme. Elvis Costello may have been right about the roses but it was bad for the Hops. I took a stroll over to check out the Hops with the intention of picking them today. Unfortunately the council got there first and had trimmed the hedge. I was left with a large proportion of the hop flowers looking very brown and dry. I did manage to rescue some 144g (wet weight). These are now in my Luvelle drying. After maybe 3 to 6 hours I estimate I will have just under 100g of Hops. Something is better than nothing.

Having checked the Hops in the evening and weighed again after drying for 4 hours I have a total of approximately 60g of Hops now in the freezer ready.


I’d kill for a pinta porter!

The Sawdoctors aside, I decided this porter cannot wait. I tried it at a virginal 2 weeks secondary fermentation. Not surprisingly it was very lively. Normally I have the patience to wait it out but for some reason this one was a very important one for me. I needed to know I could make a porter I would love and strangely this one is a belter. Even in its youthful state it has a strong taste which I am sure will gown in its maturity on 16th. I took four bottles with me to my quarterly meeting with my gaming friends and we all agreed it was a good pint. Really dark like looking into the eye of a shark. A rich Chocolatey taste with a tiny hint of liquorice. So the Hedgerow hops still has some life in it and proving to be a pretty good worker. I guess I have another 50g left before its all gone. Continue reading